Amazon looking to buy MGM Studios for $7 billion

What happened?

Just yesterday we saw Warner Media and Discovery announce a $150 billion marriage to form one of the largest streaming companies in the world, mounting an offense against the insurgent tech companies trying to disrupt the media game.

By evening, one of the tech bros counter punched—rumours broke out that Amazon is courting MGM Studios for a $7-$10 billion acquisition, hoping to add MGM’s content slate to Prime Video, and reminding the old guys this won’t be easy.

What’s the big deal?

Firstly, no sane person expected Amazon to go chase an acquisition right now, especially with regulators all concerned about how big (and monopolistic) the business has really gotten. But Bezos don’t bend for nobody...

Most importantly, MGM owns legendary content franchises including the James Bond, Rocky Balboa, Vikings, Stargate, in addition to hundreds of other world class chart topping movies and shows including Shark Tank.

All of that coming to Amazon could seriously beef up Prime's content library, secure sufficient arsenal to take on Netflix head on, while fending off any Disney, CBS, or Warner Media type old media giant coming from behind.

Big picture

With Netflix at 210 million subs, Amazon at 125 million, Disney at 103 million, and the rest lagging under 50, we’re still in the early phases of a long drawn out war.

Btw, put some guys up to smooth out the Prime Video UI too please? That 2010 shit is annoying af to operate. That should help