Ambani wants to buy Subway🥪

Ambani wants to buy Subway🥪

What happened — Reliance’s Retail biz is apparently looking to buyout the India operations of Subway. Moneycontrol says the deal could be worth $200-$250 million.

Subway is currently ongoing a global restructuring process, cutting out excess, improving quality, and figuring out why it’s struggling to compete. Part of the mandate is to streamline its India ops — where a convoluted franchisee arrangement is becoming a hurdle to swift experimentation and progress.

Enter RIL — who can be an operationally savvy, and deep-pocketed partner. RIL could bring Subway joints inside its malls, expand footprint with little overhead, and enhance utilization.

Lastly, India loves its quick-service-eateries, and here you have a (limping yet) recognizable brand that could be even snatched off existing food delivery platforms, and brought to any hyperlocal ambitions RIL has.

$200 million? Tiny price to run up some experiments.

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