Broadcom trying to buy SAS πŸ‘€

Broadcom trying to buy SAS πŸ‘€

What happened β€” Global semiconductor giant Broadcom, best known to make WiFi chips for your high-end phones, is apparently trying to woo analytics software maker SAS Institute, for a $15-$20 billion acquisition.

Not everyday you see semiconductor companies buying out software players, that too entirely out of their realm. But Broadcom is quite unique.

Some contextβ€” the firm has grown to a $200 billion behemoth by gobbling up smaller semiconductor companies along the way β€” more than 50 in the past 2 decades.

But then, in 2018, it took the β€œsoftware eating the world” thesis literally, and made a knee-jerking turn to acquire washed up, but cash-flow rich software companies.

  • Purchased CA Technologies for $20 billion in 2018
  • Symantec cyber security for $11 billion in 2019

And now SAS Institute.

SAS sucks β€” SAS by itself is facing quite the challenges too β€” as young modern IT teams and data analysts demand more nimble, cloud and developer friendly tools, SAS’ rigid, hard to code, and slow as a snail software has been deemed a fossil!

But Broadcom perhaps sees a steal, mostly for its wide distribution, which can be a Trojan horse for more of its products to follow.