acquiring Gold's Gym's India operations acquiring Gold's Gym's India operations

In fitness tech — is acquiring one of the most popular old-school gyms, Gold’s Gym’s India operations, for an undisclosed amount.

For folks outside the tech circle, that’s a 6-year old startup buying out a 20-year old cash guzzler. Gold’s runs India’s 2nd largest gym chain, with over 140 fitness centers, across 90+ major cities. Within the hardcore body building circles, the brands’ reputation is impeccable!

Cult meanwhile, has been taking a full stack approach to revolutionizing fitness — running a network of modern fitness studios, as well as a digital fitness experience delivered via an app + accessories, apparel, the whole menu. It’s virtual products were HUGE successes during the pandemic.

Anyway, Cult plans on upgrading Golds’ existing centers to match its own standards of technology, and then allow folks in the Cult ecosystem access to these locations freely, powering a nationwide expansion.