Duolingo is looking to IPO soon 🤑

Duolingo is looking to IPO soon 🤑

Language learning service Duolingo is going public — riding the pandemic-enforced “gotta do something useful” productivity boom, to a ~$3 billion listing on the Nasdaq.

Quick look at the 2020 numbers:

  • Revenues of $161.7 million, up 129% YoY
  • Subscriptions form 73% of revenue
  • 40 million monthly active users
  • Lost $16 million in 2020 — otherwise, are you even fashionable

The platform offers 95 language learning courses, across 40+ languages, and is a favorite among a millennial and GenZ dense user base. Meanwhile, the boom in broad edtech services has also brought a big base of K-12 students looking to supplement their school curriculum.

Big picture — public markets have shown less enthusiasm for edtech than private markets (Coursera, 2U, Stride, have all been duds). Hope that changes with more options.