GOI launches a new system for benefit distribution 🔥

GOI launches a new system for benefit distribution 🔥

What happened — another promising product came out of GOI’s tech innovation camp last night, the e-RUPI — a gift-card-like benefit-distribution mechanism, primarily aimed at plugging leakages in getting doles delivered to citizens.

In simple language, benefits (social, financial, healthcare) issued by the government through a barrage of schemes, often get lost in the distribution chain — many times with middle men or institutions (like banks) not doing their best to ensure fair delivery.

e-RUPI will basically assign a unique identifiable e-voucher, delivered via a QR code or a text message directly to citizens, and when a person collects their benefits, the loop will be closed via a QR code scan.

Now some folks would’ve loved to hear “blockchain” mentioned here, but for now this is what we have, and its pretty cool that GOI has kept the program open-ended, supposedly to expand the scope of the functionality over time.

Pilots are being tested with a bunch of banks and corporate organizations.

Here’s an elaborate writeup from Mint.