Musk agrees to share his toys🧸

Musk agrees to share his toys🧸

Tesla will be opening up its charging network to allow other EV companies worldwide to charge their cars on it — a new chapter opening move for $TSLA.

Not an act of benevolence though — Tesla as of today, barely makes a dime on the cars it sells, and aggressive buildout of infrastructure and charging a commission from consumers and other car makers relying on it, is a critical piece of the long-term profitability game plan.

In the stats:

  • Early in the game still, but Tesla has 25K Superchargers worldwide, offering rapid charging (10 minutes for ~150kms+)
  • Will charge by time — or could even offer subscription packages

Game plan — this could be Tesla’s AWS moment. Competition is busy investing big money into making cars, while charging infra as a business vertical is on nobody’s mind yet. Tesla’s infra could end up becoming the rails that power broad ev-fication.

Lastly, charging stations are the ultimate fun zone for future customers to hang out — the Tesla restaurant is already a thing, but quick bites, coffees, Tesla + Starbucks? TONS of optionality!

Elon Musk Mic Drop GIF by FullMag