Nerd social is hot property 🧐

Nerd social is hot property 🧐

Online coder community and forum Stack Overflow is getting bought out by private equity giant Prosus Ventures, for $1.8 billion.

Stack Overflow, which started off as a Q&A style forum for developers to get their technical questions answered, has overtime become a default solution library for coders—used passionately by both the noobs and the pros.

Nearly 100 million unique users visit the site every month, which is monetized via ads, a premium tier, and a pretty fledgling job board.

Big picture—Prosus has been building a wide portfolio of exciting SaaS projects worth several billion dollars, and having a “top of the funnel” community-led platform, where you’re certain that literally EVERY developer in the world is going to stumble across at least once in their lifetime, is a great way for the company to build native distribution for its portfolio.

Also, the opportunity to build more developer tools, messaging applications, code quality improvement and measurement tools, around Stack Overflow is quite promising.