Netflix is moving head on into gaming πŸš€

Netflix is moving head on into gaming πŸš€

Netflix, in a rare strategic move expanding its focus, announced it’ll be launching streamable games on its platform in about a year.

WTF is that β€” unlike how you need an Xbox or a PlayStation console to play high-quality games today, the future of gaming is where you pick a controller on your coffee table, click a button, and boom… you start competing with a friend or a bot, without having to pay for expensive hardware or new games each time!

High bandwidths and most importantly low latencies of 5G is believed to be the most important enabler that will bring about this shift πŸ‘

May not sound like a big deal for you yet, but analysts believe the future of living room entertainment will be more β€œimmersive”, and big tech is heavily invested in making that happen.

Going forward β€” markets had been anticipating Netflix to move aggressively beyond β€œmovies” and into Live events, Sports for quite some time now, and this sets the tone for the next 10 years for the company.

Big picture β€” diversifying focus is one way of confusing competition like Disney, HBO, but is a potent hedge against would be competitors Roblox, Fortnite, TikTok β€” all increasing owners of consumer mindshare.

And the $200B gaming industry vs. $70B movie industry is a TAM multiplier investors are gonna wholeheartedly love πŸš€