Peloton’s takeout is the talk of the town 🏋️‍♀️

Peloton’s takeout is the talk of the town 🏋️‍♀️

What’s poppin’ — rumors suggest top companies playing at the intersection of media, content, and fitness, including Nike, Disney, and Amazon, are looking to buy out fitness-bike maker Peloton.

Reopening of gyms coupled with poor planning had resulted in Peloton getting hammered over the past 6 months. Management’s repeated back-paddling on strategy, and shenanigans like the founder buying a $55 million Hamptons mansion, while stock was beaten down 85%+, has totally eroded investor confidence.

Regardless, their products are awesome, well loved, and the content-led expansion they pioneered (like Cult-fit in India) is invaluable to many. Nike for example, could use the bikes as as hardware hook to extend its merch empire.

Or Amazon could integrate the services into Prime, and expand its fitness line up which includes products like the tracker Halo.

Why care — the at-home fitness market is a fast growing subsector within the fitness tech space. Could see a few other big tech giants chasing this deal too.