The Burmans want more of Eveready batteries 🔋

What’s happening — the Burman family, kings of the Dabur empire, are apparently making a stronger run for battery company Eveready — telling SEBI they’ve made an open offer to buy another 26% of the company.

What to know: India’s largest dry-cell maker Eveready, became a debt-laden mess under the watch of its OG owners, the Khaitan family, who ended up pledging a whole lot of their stock to fund other loss making businesses. As debt mounted, major investors bailed, leading to a rough couple of years.

The Dabur-fam (Burmans) stepped in then and started buying as much stock as they could, over time becoming the single largest stakeholder in Eveready. It looks like they’re keen on getting more here — possibly pairing what is otherwise an excellent business, with Dabur’s management and nationwide distribution.

Anyway, Eveready stock jumped a nice 20% over the past 2 days, showing market’s approval.