Tim Cook calls App Store an economic miracle

Tim Cook calls App Store an economic miracle

The ongoing Epic Games vs. Apple tussle keeps giving.

After execs from both companies were grilled, it was finally time to put the king, Tim Cook, in the witness box.

It’s quite rare for a CEO that high up the corporate chain to be put on the stand, but we’re guessing this was Apple’s best shot at solidifying its stand...

Few nuggets from Tim’s arguments:

  • 85% of the apps on App Store pay Apple nothing
  • Of the rest, the majority of developers pay a reduced 15% fee, because they don’t make over $1 million a year
  • Timmy even claimed the App Store is an “economic miracle”

Then came the Trump Card—just as the proceedings we going on, Snapchat CEO Evan Spiegel came out in support of Apple claiming the 30% fee is not an inconvenience at all, and that Snap wouldn't even exist if not for Apple… timing of which makes you wonder who held a gun to Spiegel’s head.

Modern Family GIF by ABC Network

Nobody would’ve taken Evan seriously had Snap been just another messaging app, but that’s 500 million monthly active users, and given the company is launching an “app-store” of its own within the Snapchat ecosystem, and is doubling down on exciting high-tech features like AR and the metaverse, his commentary seriously undermines the position of Epic Games, which is arguing that Apple thwarts innovation.

Big picture—more than about being right or wrong, the trial is becoming all about who can tell a better story in justifying their stand, and when all cards are drawn, fact remains—there is no company better than Apple at narrative management.

Bottomline, pays well to be a shareholder!