“What can we do here folks?”— asks Biden 🤔

“What can we do here folks?”— asks Biden 🤔

Uncle Joey signed off on a highly anticipated executive order earlier this week, that will set the groundwork for US’ adoption of crypto technology. Surprisingly, the order was a whole lot more welcoming and forward looking than everyone expected!

In a mouthful of Washington-legalese, Biden implored his individual government agencies to spend more time and money, talking to experts, and design solutions to understand deeply the possibility of how the US can lead on the crypto front, globally.

Among notable surprises, the government asked its departments to look into the creation of a digital, programmable dollar as well.

Other notable things: ☝️

  • Climate filter: Biden wants to put an emphasis on understanding how climate friendly is Bitcoin, and other crypto technology really
  • Keep users safe: lack of explicit laws all this while created a perfect breeding ground for every possible scam out there. Biden wants to understand how consumers can be protected.

And when everyone from the Winklevoss Twins to the Bitcoin Pizza guy agrees on cheering the government’s moves over regulation, you can take that as progress.

Big picture — the Americans are no pioneers of fintech by ANY measure. But these moves, and the policies they drive in the future, will force global governments to act and put together their own individual approaches to the tech. This is good news.