YouTube to billion in no time 🤯

YouTube to billion in no time 🤯

What’s poppin’ — Entrackr says, Physics Wallah, an entrance-exam coaching company that started as a YouTube channel is in talks to raise roughly $100 million, its first outside money, from Westbridge capitalat a $1 billion valuation!

Until 2014, Alakh Pandey was on a regular gig training teenagers for IIT-JEE in a popular coaching-center in India. That year, he kicked off a basic YouTube channel, explaining concepts and solving questions. As YouTube got popular, thanks to mobile internet boom in India, his channel grew like wildfire.

So Pandey expanded Physics Wallah beyond YouTube — mostly after 2019, when he launched their first web portal, followed by a mobile-app, which now has about 6 million users tuned in to a library of about 14,000 videos. The “company” also made an offline expansion, adding some 20+ coaching centers nationwide! TF 😄

…to finally in 2022, where they’re raising $$$ at a billion dollar valuation! Unreal, but highlights the rise and power of YouTube to build monetizable distribution.

Worth mentioning — Byju’s buying out Aakash earlier in 2021 has woken up the Indian ed-tech industry to a whole new set of possibilities of combining online with offline instruction. Unacademy, and the others gotta notice!