Zoooooom…. damn what a MONSTER! 🤯

Zoooooom…. damn what a MONSTER! 🤯

16 months into the pandemic, you’d think the Zoom explosion may slow down for a bit… but no. The company continues to grow engagement AND business at pure-evil rates, blowing past the widest imaginations of Wall Street, even as vaccinations pick pace and people start to step out.

Quick look at numbers:

  • Revenues of $956.2 million, up 191% YoY
  • Gross margins improved to 5% to 74%, helped by well-planned optimization of cloud-resources
  • Paid customer base nearly doubled to 500K
  • Zoom Phone product users up to 1.5 million, 50% sequential growth

Not just that, Eric Yuan told the markets he expects $990 million in revenues next quarter, much higher than investors were looking for, and we’re pretty sure they’re going to blast through $1 billion easily.

Going forward—with the back to office trend in full swing in the western world, certain quarters of Wall Street are counting on the “Zoom” bubble to burst. But an aggressive push to capture the broader productivity suite—calendars, phones, as well as a video-API is expected to keep the party going.

For now, markets demand more evidence to move the $95 billion stock any further.